Roadway Made Runway

Don Draper from the Mad Men series once said ‘Make it simple but significant’ and what I have for you in the post are those words translated to the language of fashion , which fortunately , I’m fluent in. I’ve put this outfit together with street style at its core and standing out as its intent.


A denim shirt yells street style! So i pulled out this light blue one with twin pockets and teams it with a pair of trendy grey jeans that has slit around the knees.


Moving on to my shoes , in my opinion olive and grey are each others better halves and that led to the choice of these olive camouflage trainers. The narrow sole of these shoes look great with the jeans as it’s a relatively slim pair. One can opt for a set of sneakers too but trainers are much more comfortable and thus my go-to shoes if I have to be out in the streets all day long.


Let’s go into the specifics of my accessories.If I’m out all the day, chances are the Sun will be too and that calls for a pair of shades and what could ever go wrong with a pair of black ray-bans ? Now take a look at the watch and you’ll know that it’s a the best bet as it matches bang on with my olive shoes. As a finishing touch  i added a little extra street quotient to the look and threw in a beaded bracelet



Shirt :            People
Denims:        Styx and Stones
Shades:         Ray Ban
Shoes :          Carlton London
Watch:          Roadster

Ciao !


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