Forgotten Flair

History repeats itself and so does fashion. Every few decades , fads revamp and return to the ramp.


This time, I have made my pick from the past and decided to revive the charm of a half sleeves shirt, putting it together with items synced in detail and color. I have styled it in a manner that has a casual vibe to it but is still dressy enough for say, a family dinner.

Getting into the details, I have selected a half sleeved white shirt with a lemon tinge around the shoulder that spares it from being basic and monotonous. Look closely and you’ll see that the buttons are grey in color , making the shirt coherent with other grey elements in the outfit.


Now about the accessories , this time I went with a pair of faux suede toe cap derby  shoes in grey, that match with my beige and grey woven belt.


The watch chosen is one with a blue dial that goes with denims and a gold rim that makes this look stand on the cusp of cool and classy.


Shirt :                Zara
Denims:            United Colors of Benetton
Shades:             Ray-Ban
Shoes:               New Look
Watch:              Daniel Klein



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