The Backpacker

There’s one city in the World that most people never bother to explore; their own. So this weekend, pack yourself a bag to get through the day and play a tourist in your own town! But before that, read on to know how to do it better, in style.


This time let’s start from the bottom up. How does one be on-foot all day and do it in vogue? With a pair of boots! I’ve picked these brown Chelsea ones that are classy to look at and easy to step in.


A pair of chino style denims in olive go well with these shoes and their comfortable fit goes well with the purpose of this look.


Complementing the earthy tone that the denims and shoes have set, I chose a suede brown backpack that’s both functional and fashionable.

Going with the idea of doing the unconventional, I’ve made a choice of shirt that’s different from what I prefer. My usual pick would be a slim-fit one but this time I went for a tailored-fit. The tailored-fit has a natural, raw appeal to it and of course you can’t overlook its comfort over a slim-fit shirt.


Adding a little street spice, I threw in a pair of squared gold rim shades, a beaded bracelet and a sturdy watch that’s olive like the denims, because what harm can a little color coordination do?

Backpack :  Abof
Chelsea Boots: Gas
Shirt: Phosphorus
Watch: Roadster
Shades: Grey Fox

See You !!


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