A Date With Yourself



Hello Beautiful people!!
I am sure you all must be surrounded by tons of people whom you can go out on a date with but a day with yourself once in a blue moon is also salient. So, for such a day I’d like to keep my outfit classy and trendy. The first thing that I picked up for this look was my casual blazer and then I turned to the shirt and picked up a plushy English coloured shirt. To maintain the high-tone I went for a pocket square that goes bang on with the shirt.




Coming down to bottoms , I picked a distressed denim ( DIYed ) to make the outfit look happening enough while serving the purpose of the outfit.  Then I chose my go to pair of sneakers as I wanted to take a break from my Brogues. You can carry this look anywhere,  from a cafe to a sophisticated restaurant without even giving it a second thought . B)


Now talking about the accessories , I have kept it subtle and classy. The pocket square, watch and ray-bans are complementing each other as their colour tone is similar and each one is classy in its own way that keeps up the theme of the outfit.

Blazer : Zobello
Shirt : Louis Philippe
Denims: Zara
Sneakers: Griffin
Watch : Daniel Klein
Shades : Ray – Ban
Bracelet : New Look



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