Rover bones in earthy tones


It has been quite a while since I stuffed my bag to rover the city , the day seemed good enough so I packed my bag and headed for the tour. The idea here is pretty much similar to one of my previous blog posts ‘The Backpacker’, that is of keeping it comfy yet stylish however the medley of the attire is quite different here. Take a closer look and you’ll notice that all the colors in this outfit are inspired by nature making the outfit earthy.

Having said that, it got really easy for me to make the selection of clothes this time as the color tones were narrowed down already. So I went for a pair of brown chinos and green denim jacket and bingo I was half way there! Next I headed over to my shirts selection, as I wanted the double collar look which seldom looks good, at least to me! I picked up a mint blue denim shirt to get a slightly nautical appeal.


When I talk about earthy, without second thoughts I pick my brown chukka boots which go hand in hand with my multi-functional brown suede backpack. Now finishing up, I went for a set of beaded bracelets, leather strap watch with a significant blue dial and my ageless shades to give it a classic touch.


Jacket : Levis
Boots: Knotty Derby
Shirt: Diesel
Watch: Diesel
Shades: Ray-Ban
Backpack: Abof
Accesories: New Look
Chinos: Phosphorus



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