Blending Blues

Hello beautiful people,


Firstly I wish you all a very happy and a prosperous new year. Now getting down to business, the idea behind today’s attire is to challenge the winter chills with some cool colors and keep it suave.


On a sunny day especially when I am outdoors , I prefer never to go for dark colors as they attract heat. So, the first thing that I picked was my uber cool white pants which I believe are a must have. The next piece that I went for was my check blazer (which apparently is my blazer of the season) as I knew it would make the process of selecting a shirt much easier. Bingo, it worked!


Next I went for a sky blue skinny shirt that complements the blazer and the chinos even as individual items.

It’s very important to treat bags as a part of the outfit and not as an add on accessory, so to go hand in hand with this polished look I chose a blue suede bag in which I can carry almost all of my essentials. Giving a break to my gold rimmed aviators, I went for the classic wayfarer. Harmonizing through colors I stuck to shades of blue for my shoes as well as a pair of  horizontal stripped socks for the finishing touch.


Trousers: Splash
Shirt: Zara
Blazer: Zobello
Bag: Atorse
Shades: Vintage
Shoes: New Look
Socks: Jack and Jones
Accessories : New Look and Eristona Man



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