Go Green



Beige and blue is a combination which has been very popular with gentleman for ages and will surely remain evergreen but where’s the fun in doing what’s mainstream?! So I replaced blue with green and it worked out well for me as I got an entirely fresh look which was no less than the blue-beige duo.



While selecting the shirt I opted for a dark green as the color of my suit was already light. Usually I prefer to pick all my accessories from a specific family of colors, but here, since the mood was experimental I decided to go for these fancy fringed suede loafers that match my shirt.



Now getting into the details, I opted for a watch with a brown leather strap and a golden dial as I believe that this the most elite combination one can get when talking about watches. The pocket square came from a different family of colors all together but goes easily with all the pieces of this attire. A very small yet an important accessory that I used here was the tie clip which acts as the cherry on top, when your outfit is such. I finally reached out for the classiest pair of golden rimmed shades on me to maintain the exclusivity of the look.


Suit : Van Heusen
Shirt: Louis Philippe
Watch: Tommy Hilfiger
Shades: Ray Ban
Loafers: Marcello and Ferri
Tie Clip: Koovs



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