The Versatile White

I always associated white pants with Wednesdays at school and never thought I’d put them on ever again. Until last month, when I fell in love with them after getting to know their capability of befitting almost every occasion. Their limitlessness and my new obsession inspired me create another look around this basic yet beautiful piece of clothing. Having styled a formal look with them before, I concluded on keeping it casual this time and rolled my chinos up.

Choosing a pair of shoes with white pants can be a bit problematic sometimes. Removing this hiccup first I picked a pair which had a combination of the two colors that in my opinion go best with white. Added advantages of this choice were the white soles and the shape of the brogues (long wing tip) that complements the slim fit of my chinos.

Next I threw on a V neck t-shirt with colorful dots all over to spice up the basic bottoms and keep the look from going monotonous.To maintain a balance of colors I picked up a brown suede jacket, a brown watch with blue dial and a pair of blue-gold sun glasses to complete the look.



Chinos: Splash
Jacket: Zara
Shoes: Koovs
Tshirt: Globus
Watch: Diesel
Shades: Joe Black

Ciao! 😀


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