The month of love has begun already. I’m sure that all you gentlemen out there must be planning something really special for your companion for instance a candle light dinner. But have you planned your outfit yet? If not, then great because i have an idea while you are busy planning the surprise.


For such an occasion the choice of outfit gets a bit confusing because one can’t be under-dressed or over-dressed, having said that i’ll now start with the idea. The First thing that came to my mind is to keep it classy so that it enhances my confidence for the occasion but at the same time I didn’t want the outfit to look formalish and to my rescue came this wonderful denim structured blazer. Next was the choice of trousers which again couldn’t have been a basic or a formal one so I picked up a beige trouser with vertical stripes congruent with the blazer and the idea.


Now comes the part where this outfit could have taken a u-turn, which is the choice of top-wear. Had I picked a shirt this would have immediately gone to the formal side so instead i chose to wear a definitive Henley with a classic logo that just complemented the idea perfectly.


Gentlemen here comes that part of the outfit on which ladies would judge you, shoes. A pair of fine shoes that is simple yet outstanding is a must for an occasion like this. So I opted for a Denim derby shoes that fits the idea perfectly and goes bang on with my blazer. Talking about the final segment that is accessories, a pocket square , a brown-blue watch , an anchor bracelet and most important a square shaped brown golden glasses we enough to keep the look up-market. From an All- American breakfast to a Dinner at a top notch restaurant you’re ready to rock.


Blazer : Koovs
Henley: Zara
Trousers: Mr Button
Shoes: New Look
Watch: Diesel
Shades: Grey Fox



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