The outfit in this post speaks a lot for itself and if you like to roam around raw and rough it will speak for you too. Usually I like a lot of precision be it in rolling my jeans up, tucking my shirt in or folding the sleeves of my shirt but not here.



The idea was to create a raw look and without much ado I picked up my black leather jacket. In the normal course I would have picked up a light coloured basic T-shirt and would have accessorised it with a neck piece perhaps but I went for a check shirt slightly longer than my usual shirts. After putting on the jacket I didn’t adjust the sleeves or the collar of shirt as I wanted it to take its own shape.


Getting to the denims now. Since both the Jacket and the Shirt are not too slim the Denim has to be proportional so I went for a slim straight fit with slits at knee to maintain the ruggedness of the look.



Leather jacket , rugged denims and  raw look, how could I have even thought of anything but boots then. So for footwear I obviously chose boots. Now the selection of boots is also important here, since the fit of the clothes is more or less straight, one can’t go for a shoes with slim soles so I picked up my brogued leather boots with a broad sole to maintain the harmony. Talking about the accessories, I went slightly heavier to add the street style with beads and anchor bracelet on one hand and a watch with a large dial on the other. And finally I picked up my leather backpack with skulls imprinted on it to rule the streets.



Jacket: Zara
Shirt: Nuon
Jeans: Blue Saint
Boots: Allen Solly
Shades: Ray-Ban
Watch: Fossil
Backpack: Lokhandvala, Mumbai
Accessories : Alto Vida, New Look



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