Hello beautiful people,
This post is all about an easy and comfortable formal outfit. Most of us have long office hours and very little time to get ready but then here I am to help you even in that small time frame. Starting from the bottom wear, I picked up my all time favorite brown straight fit plaid pants which are super comfortable because of their fit and never fail to be in the spotlight because of their exclusive design.


While making the selection of the shirt I was very much in favor of going for a plain shirt as the pants were dressy enough but here my black cardigan helped me by creating sufficient gap between the visibility of shirt and that of pants hence I settled for a grey check shirt. Not only did the cardigan help me with the shirt but also helped me add a classic touch and made the look even more formal.



The task of choosing shoes with these beautiful piece of pants is tough battle as basics look boring and obviously we don’t have the option of going fancy here. However I managed to choose a pair which goes well with not just the pants but with the entire outfit which are a lightly brogued tan shoes .Talking about the accessories, I have kept it on the mellow side by throwing on an exclusive watch that complements the attire perfectly .Time to impress the boss mates or maybe being the perfect boss. đŸ˜‰

Cardigan: Zara
Shirt: Roadster
Shoes: New Look
Pants: Copper Stone
Watch: French Connection



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