Linen on linen

Undoubtedly slim fits have been the trend for quite sometime now and they are here to stay but my personal experience is that if worn for a very long time they can get a little uncomfortable, considering this I have created a look which is stylish , elegant and comfortable at the same time.The comfort of an outfit is not only dependent on the fit but also on the fabric.And that’s the reason I chose linen. Linen is undoubtedly a very fine and premium fabric in itself and never fails to deliver great comfort.


So my first pick was a brown linen blazer because of its convenient fit and exclusive color. Now since the fit of the blazer was relaxed I had to opt for a pant which has got a straight fit too or is a bit loose on the thighs (where the blazer ends) so it became really easy to pick another linen item that’s my blue pants which had the right fit and a color that complemented brown well.



Ready with the jacket and the pants, I now opted for a shirt with greenish tone to add an earthy flavour and simultaneously picked up a shoe with a sole broad enough to look great with this set of clothes.

Now comes my favourite part of this outfit that is the tie. With the idea of keeping it easy I didn’t want to bomb my outfit with a lot of details and accessories so instead of going for tie clip, pocket square etc I went for a tie with a design attractive enough to compensate and allow me to do away with accessories altogether.


Blazer: Atorse
Pants: Zara
Shirt: Koovs
Shoes: Marcello and Ferri
Watch: Diesel
Sunglasses: Grey Fox.




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