The Party Edit

No guy, you don’t have to just wear flashy clothes or get your blazers on for a party, there are other ways too to get the spotlight on you, by dressing right. When hitting a club I don’t usually consider basics as my option as it might get a bit dull in such a happening environment plus it makes it easy for me to chose the outfit as the options have now been narrowed down.


This time I started with bottoms, either the color or the pattern of my bottoms would have made it exclusive , I opted for the color and chose this captivating and trending wine colored chinos.


An outfit for a party is incomplete without BLACK. Fortunately, black and wine are each others better halves. So my next pick was an interestingly patterned black round neck t-shirt. Although I usually prefer to keep the color of my t-shirt and jacket contrasting but here I added the jacket from the same family as the print on the t-shirt left decent scope for more black in the outfit.


Maintaining a harmony I went for a pair of black casual shoes and kept the accessories simple. Well, it’s now time to ROLL!

Wardrobe :

Chinos: Zara
Jacket: Koovs
Tshirt: Blotch
Shoes: Koovs
Watch : Fossil
Shades: Jeepers Peepers


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