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I believe that every apparel has something or the other which is unique, it can be the design , fit, color , fabric , pattern etc. Undoubtedly, these components complete the outfit so it’s vital to play with these details perfectly. Out of all such facets my pick was the minute yet the detailed patterns. However since my mantra is usually to keep it subtle , I didn’t go for very fancy patterns.

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IMG_0548 modified

As the petty detailing sufficed to solve my purpose , I opted for a polo tshirt with a fancy floral addition to its collar that stands out and looks trendy. Fascinated with patterns , I picked up a pair of beige chinos and the detail here is its vertical stripes that make it exclusive and catchy.

IMG_0583 modified

The affection continued and I chose a footwear with a very small detail, which was its laces. Of course a shoe with a lace is typical but these are unusual because of the design of the shoe, that is loafer/moccasin, which don’t usually have laces. And for the final touch I added some decent accessories. Enjoy the deets!

IMG_0590 modified modified


Yours stylishly,

T-shirt : Jack and Jones
Trousers: Mr Button
Watch: Diesel
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban


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