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Fashion has been evolving rapidly and with this rapid change there is something that has made a mark and gained acceptance, patterns and prints. Florals, graphics, flannel etc are some, which once never added to the wishlist are now welcomed by all closets.

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My pick today is one such pattern , aztech. It goes unsaid that the appealing Herringbone Aztech shirt is the motif here. Also as I wanted to expose the shirt to the fullest, I didn’t roll up the sleeves this time even though the look was casual. Since the shirt was on the fancier side I had to wear a basic bottoms to maintain equilibrium so I put on a captivating brown denim that complemented my green and yellow shirt well.

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To keep the casual look alive I chose a pair of brown brogues with a white sole and the green laces were the icing on the cake. With some basic addition in the accessories I finally achieved the desired look.

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Yours Stylishly,

Wardrobe :
Shirt : Koovs
Denims: UCB
Shoes: Koovs
Shades: Ray-Ban
Watch: Roadster.


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