KAVI ft MrButton


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The hummingbird had been gone for long but the summer is back and so is her song. Like nature nurtures the poet in her, this summer Mr. Button has launched their ‘Poetic Justice’ collection to foster the artist in you and make the depth of your words reflect in your style.
As the warmth welcomes the wilderness and all its colors, our highbrow poet turns to monochrome for he is a man of balance and subtlety.

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The grey striped tunic by Mr Button is as poetical as a piece of clothing can possibly be. The opposing stripes are symbolic of balance as well as conflict, while its structured fit flows down the body like a well structured poem does on a blank page.

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The choice of these slim chinos was made keeping in mind the tunic’s structured and made-to-measure fit, while its white color is in attribution to the monochromatic scheme.

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When ones thoughts are as precious as gold they ought to be guarded well in an introverted mind and the introvert would rather lose himself than be found or noticed.  And to accomplish that I’ve picked up a pair of subtle sandals in tan color, instead of some fancy brogues.

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Tunic exclusively available at MrButton ( http://mrbutton.in/ )


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