KAVI ft. Mr Button

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The Fanciful Sonnet

Like the Moon governs the highs and lows of the tide, each night our poet is inspired and each night he has a new side.  And for every new side that unfolds,  Mr Button has just the right pieces to make the poet in you be able to express beyond words, with his style statement. Their exclusive ‘Poetic Justice’ collection is sure to inspire you and even discover sides you were unaware of possessing.

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Having seen his monochromatic subtle avatar, it’s now time to get to know the more ‘rangeen mijaz’ side to him. Take one look at the outfit and you’ll understand that the playfulness of his nature has found its representation in the use of colors. And the explorer in him takes him places, looking for a muse for they are all pervasive.

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IMG_6190 modified

The jacket here by Mr Button is a poetic confluence of his charming nature and sharp thoughts, with the lavender color that soothes alongside it’s sharp and crisp fitting.

IMG_6187 modified.

For his pants the choice is a trendy cropped pair. Being from Mr Button itself, these fit perfectly and their pleated style adds an oomph. And keeping the shoe game strong yet subtle he goes for a pair of espadrilles with a jute sole that makes his character more defined.

IMG_6207 modified


Wardrobe :
Jacket and Pants available at Mr Button. ( http://mrbutton.in/ )


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