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Having talked about various color schemes, patterns, details in my previous posts, I now will be talking about the most important aspect of an outfit that is its FIT. Irrespective of  fancy or basic, expensive or economical , branded or unbranded an apparel  is futile if it doesn’t fit right. To start with,  there is no ‘fit’ that is ever in trend, be it slim or loose, the game of fit is down-rightly dependent on how a person is actually shaped. The concept of ‘dressing for your shape’ is applicable to men too and not just their counterparts.

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Most men fall into one of five categories: rectangle, oval, rhomboid, inverted triangle shape or triangle. Having knowledge about your shape can be useful for you in knowing what is apt to keep in your wardrobe. Also, never underestimate the miracles a well-tailored clothing can do.

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Aware of my body structure, I usually keep my attires slim. So I framed an outfit that was slim from top to toe. The choice of a summer blazer with slim blue chinos wasn’t a task at all, post that I picked up a maroon shirt with blue and patterned piping around the buttons that adds an oomph factor.

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It goes unsaid that the shoes had to be in harmony with the fit of apparels and therefore I picked up a black brogue boots with a slim sole and semi pointed tip, maintaining the structure of the outfit. Not just my apparels but the belt here was slim too. I added a bag, with its straps slim, to polish off the outfit.

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Yours Stylishly,

Wardrobe :
Blazer : Zobello
Shirt: Celio
Chinos: Zara
Watch: Fossil
Shades: Ray Ban
Shoes: US Polo


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