Sunday Luncheon with her

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Having grooved from dusk to dawn on Saturday with your best mates, it’s now time to spend some quality time with your better half and what could be better than an easy breezy Sunday luncheon? Keeping this thought in mind I joined forces with one of the best bloggers in town, Prashi Kochhar  to give you an outfit idea that manifests your chemistry.
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In my experience a lass would start from the bottom which is why it’s said to keep your shoe game really strong when around ladies, considering this I started from my footwear and picked up one of the finest pair of brogues that always succeeds to make ladies go gaga over it because of the perfect color combination and exclusive make

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Gentlemen, they say it’s better to be safe than to be sorry and for an occasion like this I second them too so I kept my experimental side on rest and went with neutrals. However,  the choice of a printed mandarin collar shirt with a linen trouser  wasn’t mainstream at all. The soothing colors were perfect to give a delightful sight and the tailored fit amplified the class of outfit.


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I’m sure you must have heard about short printed dresses trend for summer and it’s still going strong. I picked up this short printed dress with tastes of blue and bell shaped arms. It has got a tie belt around the waist. The fabric is amazingly cool. No shoes could compliment better than my favourite ones on the shelf with this.

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His Wardrobe:
Pants: Van Heusen
Shirt: Poe
Shoes: Knotty Derby
Watch: Daniel Klein

Her Wardrobe:
Yuva Essentials


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