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A wardrobe is certainly incomplete without the quintessential blazer but this warm weather seldom gives us the opportunity to add it to our outfits. In accordance with the scorching heat I curated a semi-formal look, relevant for numerous occasions. Divulging information about the selection, I chose my all time favorite linen blazer as it was the most apt choice, keeping in mind the plot of the outfit, because of its soothing beige color and the fine fabric that makes it easy to wear in such weather.

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Unchallenging was the choice of polo t-shirt as the concept of semi-formal look expanded the scope of top-wear and I utilized it by not wearing the regular shirt, keeping the outfit facile. The next segment was the trousers,  a pair of navy linen trousers were my choice, so comfortable that I could perhaps hit my gym in them.

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I capped the outfit with a tan Double-monk straps , having a white sole that helped it get away from looking formal and the accessories that included an understated  way-farers having leopard print with golden frame, an anchor bracelet and a time-less wrist watch.

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Wardrobe :
Blazer : Van Heusen
T-shirt: Fort Collins
Pants: Zara
Shoes: Koovs
Watch : Daniel Klein

Photographer : Aditya Bansal

Yours stylishly,


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