Dapper Don

IMG_2856 (1)
A Dapper Don is a new age gentlemen with class, pose and style like no other, when GQ looks for its style they ask Dapper Don. The standard of what Adonis strives to be, the envy of most boys and the desire of all women , queen and Goddesses. In this post, I have tried to do justice to the name itself. It wasn’t just about the apparels but about the personality on the outside as whole.


I kept a minimalist approach for this one and opted for the most sophisticated color, white, for my pants and my shirt. There was barely any scope of experimentation on the pants so the bijou details of the shirt like fancy buttons, faded color on shoulders and twin pockets saved the outfit from being a monotonous one, because of the single color, and made it stand out.

IMG_2797 modified

The hat here was a staple to define the character as it gave a strong edge to the personality, though not a part of the outfit but the beard pretty much played the same role and complemented the hat well. For the cosmopolitan and the urbane vibes I chose to don a pair of sandals and was psyched up to rule!!


Wardrobe :
Pants : Splash
Shirt: Zara
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban
Watch: Tommy Hilfiger.

Photographer : Aditya Bansal



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