College Vogue

I walk down the memory lane, while writing this post , to one of the most happening period of my life that was college. The vibes and aura of any college is full of enthusiasm and life, so is my outfit.This look is considered rather fashionable and deemed fit for college. For those of us … Continue reading College Vogue


KAVI ft MrButton

  THE LAST SONNET  The hummingbird had been gone for long but the summer is back and so is her song. Like nature nurtures the poet in her, this summer Mr. Button has launched their 'Poetic Justice' collection to foster the artist in you and make the depth of your words reflect in your style. As … Continue reading KAVI ft MrButton

See you soon!

Winters are not completely over yet but I have started missing them already. I feel sad while I type this as it's my last post for the season. And since my relationship with winters doesn't include any formality I am bidding it goodbye casually. As I wanted to keep it really easy and comfy this … Continue reading See you soon!

Linen on linen

Undoubtedly slim fits have been the trend for quite sometime now and they are here to stay but my personal experience is that if worn for a very long time they can get a little uncomfortable, considering this I have created a look which is stylish , elegant and comfortable at the same time.The comfort … Continue reading Linen on linen


The month of love has begun already. I'm sure that all you gentlemen out there must be planning something really special for your companion for instance a candle light dinner. But have you planned your outfit yet? If not, then great because i have an idea while you are busy planning the surprise. For such … Continue reading Suave


Bonjour The moment I think about leather jackets, colors that come to my mind are either black or brown. They say first thoughts are pretty convenient and mainstream so I decided to scrape this thought and jumped to the next which was of a blue leather jacket. Having picked the blue jacket, I took my … Continue reading Buoyant

The Versatile White

I always associated white pants with Wednesdays at school and never thought I'd put them on ever again. Until last month, when I fell in love with them after getting to know their capability of befitting almost every occasion. Their limitlessness and my new obsession inspired me create another look around this basic yet beautiful … Continue reading The Versatile White